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Reduce uncertainty, and everybody wins.

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Selling Something?

  • Easily create a beautiful listing.
  • Advertise to the most likely buyers.
  • Simple, data-driven sales management.
  • Communicate with buyers in real-time.
  • Get paid faster and easier than ever before!

Looking to Buy?

  • Buy and sell from your social network connections.
  • See all the deals your friends are selling.
  • Transact with trust - we guarantee it!

Share the Love!

  • Help your connections buy and sell items.
  • Get paid for facilitating transactions.
  • First round’s on you!

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We’re tired of the uncertainty and mistrust that plague Craigslist. Between us and our connections, we’ve got a trusted audience of millions of people, and we’ve got concert tickets, unworn clothes, refurbished electronics, and piles of books that could go to those people. Too bad selling really sucks.

But now, with ShareMarket, it doesn’t have to.